September 9, 2014

Over the Past Several Days A Varitable Cornucopia of Probationers Arrested Again

Over the past several days, 6 suspects on 4 cases were arrested.  What they all had in common…..they were all involved in drug activity, and all of them were already on felony Probation.  Here are the highlights:

More GREAT Work by our Neighborhood Enforcement Team (NET).  On September 4th, NET was out and about once again making drug buys and arresting the sellers.
Case #1
Ms. Christina Foster and Ms. Shannan Vudmaska contacted our undercover officer in the 100 block of Coral Street at about 2:30 in the afternoon. 

Christina Foster - 37yrs, Transient 

Shannan Vudmaska - 46yrs, Transient
These two suspects conspired and worked together to sell methamphetamine to the undercover officer.   Both were arrested for the sale.  Both have multiple arrests and felony probation terms that include stay away orders from downtown. 

Ms. Foster is on felony Probation several times over.  She has been cited 11 times in 2014 for violations such as camping, open container of alcohol, etc.  She has been and arrested 5 times, just by SCPD alone since January.   Her arrests include warrants, drug offenses.   

Ms. Vudmaska is on felony Probation multiple times as well.  She has 4 arrests buy SCPD in 2014, mostly for drug offenses.  She has also been cited several times for municipal code violations. 
Case #2
At about 3:40 PM, our undercover NET officer contacted Mr. Peberdy in Grant Street Park.  

Robert Perberdy - 54yrs, Transient 
Mr. Peberdy offered a selection of either methampheamine or heroin to our officer.  After taking care of the pre-sale logistics, Mr. Peberdy sold methamphetamine to our officer near the bathroom in the park.    
Mr. Peberdy has a long history of arrests and cites, including 7 in 2014 alone.  He too is currently on Probation while he is selling drugs in the park.      

Case #3
Mr. Gonzales was contacted by our officer at about 6:40 PM at Ocean and Barson Streets.   

Albert Gonzales - 31yrs, Transient
This area has been plagued by drug sales and prostitution activity over the summer months.  We were looking for methamphetamine; however, Mr. Gonzales was benevolent enough to offer cocaine for sale instead.  He completed the sale to our officer on the street in plain view of the world.  Mr.  Gonzales has a long history of drug related arrests dating back to 2002.  And yes….he too, is on felony Probation….Again!    

In all the cases, once the sale was done, other officers swooped into to make the arrest and recover evidence like additional drugs and our “buy money”.  All of the suspects were arrested for sales of their respective drugs.     
Case #4
Our final case occurred in the morning of September 7th.  At about 9:50 AM, Officers were dispatched to a report of a suspicious car near W. Cliff Drive and Columbia.   The car was reported to be left running with two people passed out inside.  Officers arrived and found these two inside the car: 

Travis Harville – 35 yrs, Unknown Address

Kelsey Mangan – 19 yrs, Unknown Address

Both were in a car that was reported stolen out of Aptos about 48 hours previously.  Both were under the influence of narcotics at the time we contacted them.

Mr. Harville has a significant history of arrests for drugs, domestic violence and theft charges.  He is currently on felony Probation.    

Ms. Mangan already has an adult arrest history that includes drug related offenses.  She too was on felony Probation at the time of this arrest. 

Both were arrested for drug charges and being in possession of a stolen car.  

While Mr. Harville was the driver, Ms. Mangan is an associate of the stolen car owner, Mr Robert Beckwith.  We know Mr. Beckwith as he was convicted of Manslaughter in the 2002 murder of his girlfriend’s 64 year old mother, Elvira Burnson.  Elvira had threatened to cut off her daughter’s trust fund monies if she continued to be associated with Mr. Beckwith and his drug influenced ways.  In retaliation, Mr. Beckwith killed Ms. Burnson.  He has since served his prison time and is out of custody.   

There was much more that occurred over the past several days, but I am running out of blog space.  We will catch you up on those cases in the days ahead.  In the meantime….we’ll keep doing our part to arrest, re-arrest, and arrest again these repeat offenders.