December 10, 2014

Update on the Santa Cruz High School Threats Investigation

Here is the latest on the Santa Cruz High School threats case from November 18th. 

Our investigators continue to work a number of strategies and leads.  We had email contact with the person claiming to be the original e-mailer as late as last week.  Nothing new has come from these contacts.  The person continues to make promises of surrendering, or turning in the “real” person responsible for the original threat. 

Meanwhile, our detectives continue to work the forensic computer end of the information.  Additionally, we are collaborating with two other out-of-state police departments who are dealing with similar threats.  

We constantly assess the information and the threat level to the school.  We will immediately update the community if anything changes, or we get any new breaks in the case. We have continued to increase our presence around the school campuses with our patrol staff.  
Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Santa Cruz Police Department Investigations Unit (831) 420-5820.  Anonymous tips can also be sent to the police department through our Tip Line (831) 420-5995, or from our Website; .  Tipsters can also submit an anonymous tip via our smartphone app or from an SMS text.  Visit our Website for instructions.