December 10, 2014

The Storm is Coming....Are You Ready

It is nice to have rain coming our way.  According to the latest forecasts, we have a doozy of storm headed our way.  This means lots of rain with high winds and long hours for your emergency responders.

Since it has been awhile since we have been walloped by a storm like this, here are a few tips. 

Rule #1…Slow Down!!  Sudden or prolonged heavy rains can mean flooded roadways.  Visibility is reduced in rain, even with good windshield wipers.  If your windshield wipers are not doing the job, get them replaced before the storm hits.

Sudden hydroplaning can occur as well as lane-drifting from standing water or waters rushing across the roadway.  Don’t panic; don’t slam on the brakes and don’t over-steer.  Just lightly steer through while taking your foot off the accelerator.  Be aware that driving through large puddles can swamp the engine compartment causing belts to slip and a short-term loss of power steering. 

Watch for downed trees and/or utility lines.  If you see downed lines, stay in your car….I repeat, do not get out of your car.  Call 9-1-1 and get help on the way to assess the problem.

Rule #2….Be prepared for power outages.  Fuel up you cars, and/or generators have flashlights with good batteries and don’t leave candles burning unattended.

For useful information on power outages, check out this link from PG&E here: 

If flooding starts to occur, you may find that you need sand bags.  The City will only distribute sandbags if an actual emergency is declared.  For info on that, check out our Public Works site here: 

And for tips on how to fill and stack those sandbags, check out this info: 

Hopefully there are more storms to fill our streams and reservoirs.  For now, batten down the hatches and stay safe.