December 8, 2014

Weekend Roundup With 2 Cases of Interest

Your weekend roundup features two cases you might find interesting.  Here goes:

Case #1

This case happened around 2:00 AM early Sunday morning.  This case involves a bit of a car chase, between our suspect and victim.  In the end, a crash occurs right across the street from the police department entrance.

This all started when our victim was sitting is his car parked in the double-decker city lot at Church St and Cedar St.  At some point, our suspect arrives at his car and finds his cell phone is missing.  For reasons unknown, he believed or victim is the thief and decided to confront him.  The suspect confronts the victim, eventually punching him.  Our victim decides he has had enough of this and drives away.

This is where our suspect compound his already bad decisions…..he gives chase to the victim.   The victim realizes he is being followed by the suspect and the chase is on through town.  They drove through downtown and out along Mission Street before the victim calls 9-1-1to report he is being chased.

Our dispatcher instructs him to drive to the police department.  Or victim pulls into the front lot of the police department with the suspect still in pursuit.  The victim pulls through the front lot and back out onto the road.  Unfortunately, he is a little heavy on the accelerator and loses control of his car while pulling out onto Center Street.  This resulted in him colliding with a parked car, as our officers are arriving.

As we sort this out, we locate the suspect, who is adamant the victim took his cell phone. Guess what?… cell phone found with the victim.

What we did find is that our suspect (the accuser) was Driving Under the Influence.  Additionally, he had a suspended driver’s license.  Booked into jail for DUI, and Driving on a Suspended License, and violating his already existing Probation…. was

Jesus Gonzales Ortiz – 24 years old, Freedom, CA resident

Case #2

This case happened in the 100 block of Coloma Ave early Monday morning December 8th.  At about 3:00 AM our victim was asleep on his living room couch when down the hallway he hears noises inside the house.  Realizing it was not the night for St. Nick to be visiting, he looks into the mater.  Scurrying down the hallway and into his bedroom is our suspect who had let herself in through the front door.

Our victim finds the suspect gathering things from his home.  Our victim confronts the suspect, who begins to yell and carry on.  Our victim forces the suspect from the home, but not before she swipes one last Pop-Tart for road.  She then proceeds to pound on the windows of the home, yelling and cursing at the victim.  In the course of all this, the suspect managed to break one of the windows in the home.  Eventually, our suspect leaves and the victim calls 9-1-1.

When our intrepid officers arrive they begin to process things and find that the suspect dropped her jail booking paperwork in the home.  Seems our suspect had just been released from jail on a previous arrest by Watsonville PD just the day prior.

The suspect was identified as:

Jennie Roberts – 52 years old, Santa Cruz transient

Ms. Roberts was located by our officers a few minutes later in the 200 block of Grant Street.   Neighbors called when she was once again, pounding on doors and yelling at 3:00 AM.  Ms. Roberts was booked into jail (AGAIN!!), for Burglary, Vandalism, and a violation of her already existing Probation.

That’s it for your weekend roundup.  Stay safe through the Holiday Season!