November 19, 2015

SCPD Presents City Council Public Safety Study Session

On November 3rd, the Santa Cruz Police Department presented to the City Council at a study session focused on public safety. SCPD made an extensive and informative presentation to the Council, highlighting the state of public safety in Santa Cruz. Here are the actual slides from the presentation. 
View Public Safety Study Session11 3 15P.pptx and other presentations by santacruzpolice.
As we all know, public safety in Santa Cruz is a complex and dynamic topic that presents unique challenges. Our presentation provided an overview of crime statistics, workload volumes, challenges and the efforts we have made to improve public safety in the city.

The information SCPD presented was eye opening for the Council on many fronts. Key topics that generated extra discussion were crime trends and analysis, recruitment and retention, workload volumes, enforcement challenges and the inefficiency of the Alliance records management system

The presentation offers real insights with tangible analytics that demonstrate the volume and scope of the challenges and successes at SCPD. The full video of the City Council Public Study Session presentation is available here

"Our calls for service and demanding workload stats are compelling. Despite the unique challenges, our employees day in and day out serve the city at a high level of competency and commitment to public safety. I am proud of our department and appreciate each member of the SCPD team." Chief Vogel