November 25, 2015

SCPD use Pinterest & Instagram to Return Lost/Found & Recovered Property

SCPD is now using Pinterest and Instagram to help the public find lost or stolen items. We get lost and found items all the time and would like to quickly return property back to their rightful owner.

It can be a long process to track down the owners of lost and stolen property. Pinterest and Instagram are the perfect solution to reunite people with their lost belongings.


SCPD’s property unit will post a variety of items on the Pinterest and Instagram page. Our goal is to reunite lost or stolen property with the rightful owners. 
Our Pinterest and Instagram sites has over 40 items so far including jewelry, tools, wallets, keys, bikes, equipment/hardware, and electronics.
SCPD hopes the social media sites can help reunite people with lost belongings. “Our goal is to reunite as many people with their lost property as we can” said Lieutenant Escalante “We’re willing to explore any avenue to accomplish that.”

To view posted photos follow us on SCPD Pinterest
Or follow us on SCPD Instagram

Please keep in mind, we have removed some marks and names from the photos, however, the rightful owners would know what those marks are. Additionally, if the owner cannot provide proof of ownership or purchase, they will need to describe certain peculiarities with the device. For example, if you are claiming a laptop, you would need to tell us any type of mark, scratch, document, video, photo or software we would find on the laptop.
If you believe any of these items belong to you, contact SCPD Property Unit: (831) 420-5900 or email You will be required to submit proof of ownership (case number, prior photo, receipt, etc.) to claim any property. After 90 days items may be purged or auctioned.

You can also file an online report for lost property, click here to file a report.

Property Release hours are Tuesday and Thursday 12:30pm – 2:30pm or by appointment (release hours are subject to change). Property Unit will be closed on all City Holidays.

SCPD Property (831) 420-5900
155 Center Street – Property