January 29, 2016

4 Thieves Arrested. All in a day’s work at SCPD

Thursday was a particularly good day for catching thieves. Furthermore, two stolen bikes were returned to their rightful owners!

Incident #1
On Thursday 1/28/16 at 4:43 am, an alert neighbor who witnessed a suspect taking items from his neighbor’s garage quickly called 911. The neighbor gave an excellent description of the suspect wearing a blue colored “Santa Cruz” hoody, carrying backpack and box of items taken from the garage. Within minutes an SCPD Officer arrived to the 1100 block of East Cliff Drive and located the suspect Chayne Hampton, 31, from Santa Cruz.

Chayne Hampton, 31 years old from Santa Cruz
Chayne Hampton had the following items in his possession a speaker, box of knives and an assortment of collectible rocks which were consistent with items that were taken from the victim’s garage. Chayne Hampton was booked in jail for burglary.

Incident #2
On Thursday 1/28/16, at 6:27 am, a SCPD Officer quickly responded to a call about a vehicle burglary in the 200 block of Grant Street. The victim had chased down and restrained the suspect when police arrived. The incident unfolded as the victim was preparing to go to work. He had unlocked his truck that was parked in the back driveway of the residence. The victim went inside his home for a few minutes and came out to find the suspect, Dennis Ballard sitting in driver’s side of the truck and rummaging through the center console.

Dennis Ballard, 47 years old, transient Santa Cruz
Multiple items had been set outside of the truck that was previously inside the cab of the truck. The victim confronted the suspected burglar who started to run away. The victim was able to chase down and hold the suspect down until police arrived.

Items that were taken from the truck included Carhart rain jacket, a chainsaw and an envelope of cash.

SCPD Officers arrested Dennis Ballard, 47, transient from Santa Cruz for grand theft and a felony warrant.

Incident #3

SCPD is please to inform you the results in this case reunited two bikes to back to their rightful owners.

On Thursday 1/28/16, at 10: 45 am, an SCPD Officer doing a routine area check under the Soquel Bridge made contact with Robert Palmer. Mr. Palmer was in possession of two bicycles that did not appear to belong to him. 
The Officer checked the serial numbers on both bikes in the SCPD data base for stolen bikes. One bike was listed as stolen from a UCSC Police case. The other bike had been recently stolen from the Santa Cruz Teen Center. 
Robert Palmer, 27, transient from Santa Cruz was cited at the scene for being in the possession of stolen property. 

Incident #4
On Thursday 1/28/16, at 8:30 pm, SCPD’s Neighborhood Enforcement Team- NET put out a bait bicycle in front of CVS on Front St. After about 10 minutes, Patrick Falconer stole with bicycle. 

Patrick Falconer, 50 years old from Santa Cruz
He was located a short while later in the area of Ocean St. and Soquel Ave. Patrick Falconer, 50, from Santa Cruz claimed the bicycle belonged to his friend even though he said he saw a subject he did not know get off of the bicycle. Patrick Falconer was arrested for a felony theft since the bait bicycle has an appraised value of $3999.