January 28, 2016

Local Media Gets Showroom Visit with SCPD BearCat

Update on the BearCat
Today, the local media got a showroom visit with the SCPD BearCat.

This new state-of-the-art vehicle will enhance the safety of residents but also ensure the safety and protection of first responders in dangerous and high-risk situations.

 "The safety of our community members and first responders is our top priority.  We hope we never have to use this vehicle, but we will be prepared", said Chief Vogel.
We have completed personnel training on the use and capabilities on the armored response rescue truck. Team training is ongoing with firefighters and paramedics, as well.

The BearCat has specialized equipment that takes training and knowledge to operate. SCPD is committed to ensuring our staff is fully trained and certified prior to deploying the vehicle.

In light of the recent incidents in Colorado Springs and San Bernardino, we are fortunate that our City Council agreed 6 to 1 to protect and support our first responders and victims.  The BearCat will play a vital role and be invaluable during these high-risk incidents. 

 "This is one of those pieces of equipment you hope you never have to deploy. But, history has taught us that we need to be prepared and we cannot think it won't happen here.", said Lt. Flippo -ESU Commander

The vehicle allows police officers and first responders to get closer as they approach a variety of tactical situations including; high-risk search or arrest warrants, barricaded suspects, active shooter scenarios, and hostage situations.

SCPD now has the added protection for our police officers as they approach homes, businesses and schools while taking direct fire.
SCPD will have the ability to 

1. deploy officers and 1st responders quickly  
2. safely retrieve injured persons and move them to safety 
3. enhance our ability to respond to urgent situations.

The truck, based on a shortened Ford F-550 chassis, has a smooth ride despite its size. It can go as fast as most standard cars. About a dozen officers can fit inside.

This truck will be used to keep people safe and save lives.