March 25, 2016

The SCPD Online Reporting Tool - It Really Works!!

The SCPD Online Reporting System offers a way for you to make quick reports that do not necessarily require a police officer to witness or take the information from you. This system is being provided for your convenience. If this is an emergency, do not file your report online. Please dial 911.
Our Online Crime Reporting System allows you to report the following crimes: Theft - Lost Property –Vandalism - Identity Theft - Hit & Run - Vehicle Burglary - Vehicle Tampering - Harassing Phone Calls

The SCPD Online Reporting System is a tool to assist SCPD with solving crimes. Reports that include detailed descriptions, serial numbers (crucial for bikes) and other valuable property information are important. When provided the brand, model, and serial numbers, the SCPD Team is able to list and quickly identify missing property in our stolen property systems. That information is then accessible by SCPD Officers in the field. It can speed up the process to return property and develop probable cause to make an arrest.
Click direct to SCPD Online Reporting System 

Success Story with SCPD Online Reporting System

This man lost his wallet and eventually got it back. He used the SCPD Online Reporting System to make a quick report on 3/22/16. Perfect timing….because on 3/23/16 an alert SCPD Officer arrested John Walkenbach for an outstanding bench warrant on another matter. In Walkenbach’s possession was the wallet and credit cards of our visitor. The online report included essential details so that the arresting officer could quickly connect the wallet back to the owner. In the short time the wallet was missing, a new cell phone was fraudulently purchased on one of the credit cards. Mr. Walkenbach went to jail with the added charge of theft.Thanks for taking the time to fill out an online report.

The Santa Cruz Police Department continues to encourage residents to be partners in public safety. We are committed to reducing crime in the City of Santa Cruz. Anyone with information regarding suspicious or criminal activity is encouraged to contact the Santa Cruz Police Department.