April 12, 2016

Citizen Tip and a Car Stop Lead to a Recovered Gun and Arrest

On Friday night April 8th at approximately 11:20 PM, patrol officers responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle in the area of La Fonda Ave and Prospect Heights.   Officers located this car that matched the description driving through the area. 

A routine check of the license showed the registration expired in May 2015, even though it was displaying a tab for 2016.  Officers stopped the car in the 800 block of Prospect Heights to investigate. 

During the stop, it was determined the driver had a suspended driver’s license.  Both the driver and one of his two passengers were on probation with active search terms. 

Officers also contacted Mr. Denzel Sumpter who was a passenger in the right rear seat of the car.  Mr. Sumpter was uncooperative and continually fidgeted with his pockets and waistband of his pants.  As officers attempted to pat-search Mr. Sumpter, he broke away and ran from them.  Officers caught Mr. Sumpter near Morrissey Blvd and Prospect Heights.  During the struggle, Mr. Sumpter discarded a firearm that landed in the middle of the street. 

After a prolonged struggle, officers took Mr. Sumpter into custody and recovered the firearm. 

The firearm is a Kel Tec 9mm handgun.  Officers noticed the serial number had been partially removed from the firearm as shown here:

Back at the vehicle, Officers located several rounds of 9mm ammunition and an extended magazine for the firearm.  Officers also seized a small amount of marijuana from the car. 

The driver of the car was cited for driving on a suspended driver’s license and the car was towed.  

Mr. Denzel Sumpter, (23 years old - Oakland resident) was booked into County Jail for charges related to possession of the firearm including the illegal magazine and serial number that had been removed.  He was also charged with resisting arrest.