April 12, 2016

Help us Identify This Stabbing Suspect

The Santa Cruz Police Department is trying to identify the suspect and his female companion shown in the video below.  

The suspect is wearing the white shirt and black pants.  He is described as a Hispanic Male Adult, 23 - 29 years old, approx 5 feet 10 inches.  His hair is described as black and worn in a long mullet style.  

The female companion is seen walking across the frame ahead of the suspect.  She is wearing the blue cap, blue shirt and blue pants.  She is carrying something in her hands. 
  • The suspect follows his female companion, walking northbound on Riverside Avenue. 
  • The suspect appears to be having a verbal exchange with someone behind him.  
  • The suspect walks across the screen and out of view.  
  • The victim appears on screen following the suspect.  
  • The suspect reappears at time counter 20:44:57 and stabs the victim in what looks like a punch to the stomach.   

The victim was eventually transported to the hospital by his companions.  He is recovering at a Bay Area trauma center.  Initially, they reported the stabbing occurred in the County.  Officers were able to track down the actual location and eventually obtained this video.  

WARNING - Violent Content
Although not graphic, the video does show the victim being stabbed in what looks like a punch.  

If you recognize the suspect or his companion please call SCPD Investigations at (831) 420-5820. Refer to Case #16S-02950.