July 3, 2016

4 Tips to Keep Your Pet SAFE & HAPPY this 4th of July

The Fourth of July holiday can be a very scary day and/or nighttime for animals. Most dogs and cats are extremely afraid of the fireworks or any noises they hear outside. More pets go missing on July 4th than any other day of the year. Share these tips to put your pet at ease while celebrating America's 240th birthday.
SCPD would like to share 4 tips with pet owners to save themselves and their pets heartache and anxiety by following a few simple suggestions.
1. It's Safer Indoors
It is safer to keep your pets at home during Fourth of July celebrations instead of bringing them to your neighbor's party. Keep your pets in the house, rather than in your yard. They will be a lot happier indoors, and not tempted to leap over or dig under a fence to find you.

2. Establish A Safe Place For Your Pet
Pets can be startled by the loud noise of fireworks. Keep your pet in a safe room where he can feel comfortable. If he is crate trained, put him in his crate covered with a blanket to make him feel secure.

3. Calm Down Your Nervous Pet
Block outside sights and sounds by lowering the blinds and turning on the television. If your pet seems overly anxious, spend some time with him, speaking soothingly to help him to relax.

4. Collar ID Tag & Microchip
Make sure your pet is wearing an ID collar and micro-chipped with your current contact information. Should your pet get scared, escape and run away, it will be easier for the animal shelter to reunite you with your pet.

These simple precautions tips will help with pet safety and prevent owners from being separated from their pets. However, if your pet does become lost, be sure to contact the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter for lost & found animals. Call 831-454-7303 or visit www.scanimalshelter.org

By following these simple precautions, everyone in the family can enjoy a safe 4th of July celebration.