July 5, 2016

JULY 4th 2016 Weekend Stats and Cases of Interest

Throughout the 4th of July weekend, the Santa Cruz Police Department provided proactive and preventative enforcement of the citywide Safety Enhancement Zone. This 4th of July holiday brought crowds to our beaches and neighborhoods. This was an “all hands on deck” situation with everyone in the department working over the weekend.

Calls for Service - The Santa Cruz Police responded to 1641 calls for service during the three day weekend. SCPD responded to 572 calls for service in the 24 hour period of July 4th. The overwhelming majority of service calls were related to illegal fireworks possession and alcohol related violations. SCPD responded to 214 fireworks calls over the weekend with 144 fireworks calls on July 4th.

Number of reports taken- 142 total for the weekend.

Arrests- 76 arrests for the weekend with 25 of those arrests being made on the 4th. Several of these arrests were for public intoxication, fighting and disturbance related incidents.

Traffic citations – 117 traffic citations were issued for the weekend with 74 issued on the 4th.

Muni Code – 233 muni code citations were issued for the weekend with 151 on the 4th.

Triple Fine Citations- 43 total triple fine citations were mostly alcohol and fireworks related.
Estimated 70 lbs. of fireworks seized- Confiscated fireworks resulted from proactive patrols in the neighborhoods. Officers responded directly to areas where aerial fireworks were seen and reported. Enforcement netted over 70 lbs. of illegal fireworks. 

Both Eastside and Westside neighborhoods were impacted with incidents of fireworks violations. All available Santa Cruz Police resources were in service throughout our community. In addition, First Alarm Security Guards were hired to assist with road closures and security patrols in the Seabright and Westside Neighborhoods.

Two Cases of Interest on July 4, 2016
16S-05573: At about 6:15 pm, SCPD Officers contacted Calvin Carlson, 51 years old from Santa Cruz in a car on Washburn at Ocean. SCPD K9 “Argus” alerted on narcotics inside Carlson’s 1999 black Mitsubishi sedan. A search of the car revealed over 3 ounces of freshly made crystal meth in several baggies. Calvin Carlson was arrested for possession of methamphetamine for sale. Carlson has a significant history of drug related arrest.
16S-05582: At approximately 11:00 pm, SCPD Officers responded to area of Delacosta Avenue and Almar Avenue for a report of an injury crash. A 1999 white Honda Accord had collided into a Subaru. The driver of the Accord, Cristobal Ortiz 20 years old from Watsonville, was detained for DUI. Mr. Ortiz was also in possession of a loaded handgun, which was not registered to him. Cristobal Ortiz was booked for DUI and carrying a loaded handgun. Mr. Ortiz is a documented Sureno gang member. The victim in the Subaru sustained minor injuries from the collision.