July 7, 2016

Great Patrol Work Leads to Return of a Stolen Camera with Family Photos and Arrest of Suspect

On July 6th, we posted images found on a camera seized from a suspect during an arrest.  Once again, the great detective work from our Santa Cruz PD Facebook followers comes through and we are able to make contact with the camera’s rightful owner.  Here’s the rest of the story:

On July 6th at about 10:30 AM Officers Elliott Rock and Dave Albert were on foot patrol on Pacific Ave.  They came across our suspect getting ready to light up his marijuana pipe in the courtyard of Taco Bell at 802 Pacific Ave.  Officers Rock and Albert contacted our suspect and began his investigation. 

Our suspect is Mr. Francisco Valdez aka: Francisco Moran.  

Mr. Valdez (Moran) is on probation and has an extensive history of arrests in Santa Cruz and Watsonville for weapons, drugs, burglary and theft related charges many times over.   

A search of Mr. Valdez’ (Moran’s) person and a bag in his possession found methamphetamine, marijuana, bolt cutters, and a CO2 powered and realistic looking revolver. 
Items in the suspect's possession
Also in his possession was a camera with images stored on it. 

Since he was in violation of his probation, Mr. Valdez (Moran) was taken into custody and booked into jail.   If his probation was not violated, he would have simply been given a citation for the narcotic violations and possession of burglary tools and sent on his way.

Meanwhile, Officers Rock and Albert forwarded the camera images to be posted on the department Facebook page.  Within 3 hours, our intrepid team of Facebook detectives had forwarded the message to the right person, and the rightful owner was alerted.  We will now add another charge to Mr. Valdez (Moran) for being in possession of stolen property. 

Great teamwork and great police work results in stolen property returned and a chronic offender back in jail.