February 23, 2017

SCPD Press Conference: UPDATE INFO Regarding Department of Homeland Security Investigations Operation in Santa Cruz on 2/13/17

Today, Santa Cruz Police Chief Kevin Vogel had a press conference to provide more information and details regarding the February 13th Department of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) operation in Santa Cruz.

The Santa Cruz Police Department has on multiple occasions demanded complete information from HSI about the scope of the operation.

The complete press conference available here outlines the information we know so far.

Special thanks to KSBW for live streaming the SCPD press conference. Click link to view on KSBW website. http://www.ksbw.com/article/watch-santa-cruz-police-disgusted-by-secret-ice-raid/8972330

For the public’s review, here are the slides from today’s presentation of known facts.

In this operation, HSI has violated and betrayed our community's trust.

SCPD leadership is reaching out to immigrant neighbors and associate groups to reassure the community that the police department will not intentionally participate in these types of raids.