February 24, 2017

Suspect Burglar Apprehended - From Two Perspectives

Yesterday, 2/23/2017, SCPD responded to the report of a home burglary in progress near Carbonera and El Rancho. Resident thanks SCPD for our quick response to a stressful situation.
Here is the homeowner's perspective: "This happened live this morning while we were upstairs. I think he broke in a few minutes before 9 am (when I heard a thump). I looked out the windows from upstairs expecting to see a branch down or the city working on the streets cleaning up post-rains. Then heard a second one that definitely sounded unusual. At that point, I went downstairs, saw my bike outside (it had been suspended from the ceiling) and could see him rummaging through our garage. I called 911 immediately, kept an eye on his only escape route, but NOT wanting to be seen. The police arrived in 5 minutes! There had been a break-in on the other end of Carbonera, so the first car was nearby. Eventually, 5 cars were there. Thanks to the police for the fast response! The guy apologized as he was led out... nothing was lost."

SCPD perspective: "An SCPD officer was on scene within 1 to 2 minutes, as she had been down the street taking a cold residential burglary report. When officers arrived on the scene, they established a perimeter and located the suspect inside the garage, in the act of removing stolen property.
The suspect, Christopher Mitz, was taken into custody without incident and was also positively identified as the suspect in the first burglary report that PO Howard-Gibbon had taken. As a result of the investigation, the suspect was booked for two counts of residential burglary. We later received a third call of a cold attempted burglary on the same street. Through video surveillance, we were able to identify the suspect as he was preparing to break into the residence, but was scared off. A third report was taken for prowling."

If you don’t feel safe, call 9-1-1. If you or a neighbor sees people they do not recognize from the neighborhood walking in the alleys or between houses, call in a “suspicious person” to 9-1-1 and let the SCPD check out the stranger.