November 27, 2018

Santa Cruz City Crossing Guard Recognition And Commendation

Thank you Santa Cruz City Crossing Guards for walking children safely across streets to and from school, twice a day, every day.
Today, City Council and Santa Cruz Police Department proudly commend our Santa Cruz City Crossing Guards. Richard W. Bartlett, Jerry A. Cacace, Antonio Tovar, Stephen A. Fuehrer, Gail Marizette, Christine Nordquist Welch, Mark Steven Okamoto, William Poncetta, and Debra L. Stephens

Your dedication and enthusiasm play a pivotal role in the daily lives of our children. You are the first line of education for the kids and parents and a visible reminder to motorists of the presence of pedestrians and bicyclists.

Your commitment and reliability are deeply appreciated by all Police Department personnel, the City of Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz School District.

On behalf of the residents of this community and your fellow city employees, we want to thank you for your vigilance in ensuring student safety around our schools.