December 1, 2018

Detective Steve Pendleton Awarded Officer of the Month for November 2018

Santa Cruz Police Department is pleased to recognize Detective Steve Pendleton as  our officer of the month. Thank you for your dedication to duty and going the extra mile to serve our community.
Detective Pendleton worked tirelessly on solving the recent arson cases. His efforts lead to the identification and arrest of the two suspect arsonists. Detective Pendleton did an outstanding job of investigating the recent arson cases which affected the community and threatened public safety.
"We have a dedicated police department." Chief Mills said. "Steve is a hard-working professional for SCPD. Whether he's working as a Detective in Investigations closing cases or as a Parks Officer in our open spaces dealing with the most challenging population."

The Officer of the Month award recognizes Detective Pendelton for his 
outstanding example of work ethic excellence at SCPD.