December 5, 2018

Remarkable Teamwork By Santa Cruz Police Apprehends Suspect Cody Franklin

Around 2:00 am on Tuesday, December 4th, Officers located a parked vehicle on the east side in the 1000 block of Branciforte associated with Cody Franklin, who had outstanding felony warrants for fighting with Santa Cruz Police and Santa Clara Co Sheriff. Mr. Franklin was wanted by the Santa Cruz Co Sherriff's Office for a recent felony for evading Deputies.
Cody Franklin, 28 years old, transient from Santa Cruz  
Officer made contact with Franklin's girlfriend, April Wilson, who was sitting in the front seat of a white PT Cruiser. While talking with Miss Wilson, an Officer spotted Cody Franklin hiding in the back seat. Miss Wilson was reluctant to exit the car and had to be pulled from the vehicle. As soon as she clear from the car, the suspect Franklin hopped into the driver’s seat.
Officers attempted to stop Franklin from starting the car, but he was able to do so. Franklin then accelerated in reverse, dragging one officer with the vehicle, striking another officer with the car, and nearly hitting a third officer, before ramming into a parked police vehicle.

Cody Franklin was physically removed from the vehicle and continued to fight with officers. He was tased and forcibly detained before finally being taken into custody. CHP, S.O. and Scotts Valley PD responded to our request for assistance.

After medical clearance, Mr. Franklin was booked to jail for his warrants, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon on an officer, felony DUI, probation violation, evading and resisting arrest and a few other charges. Cody Franklin is 28 years old and transient from Santa Cruz. He has a history of assaulting and injuring officers in Santa Cruz County and Santa Clara County.

April Wilson, 37 years old, from Santa Cruz went to jail for resisting arrest and accessory to a crime. She helped Mr. Franklin by intentionally stalling officers thus giving him time to execute an escape.